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Whether it is Estate Administration or Estate Planning, Clarity Law’s objective is to provide you with the best services in the most cost-effective manner. We will meet with you in the comfort of your own home or at our office located in Leland, NC.


Do I need a Will? Yes! Yes! Yes! For example, if you do not have a will, the State of North Carolina will determine who will receive your assets, regardless if you want them to have a share. For example, if you die without a will and are married without children, with one or both parents still alive, your spouse may share your estate with your parents.

If you have children, part of your estate may be left to them and part to your spouse.* NCGS Chapter 29, Intestate Succession

Why have the State of North Carolina decide who receives your assets when you can call Clarity Law and determine who you want to receive your hard-earned assets?

*Subject to creditors’ claims, and other NCGS statutes. This is not legal advice nor does this create an attorney-client relationship and is for informational purposes only.

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